Vanity Planet

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After reviewing their options, Alex Dastmalchi, their CEO, chose Clearco for their speed and simple application process. Now, with Clearco capital funding their inventory, Vanity Planet has the cash flow they need to fuel their growth.

model holding vanity planet


After seeing how inefficiencies in the CPG world led to increased costs for consumers, Alex wanted to build a company that provided high-quality beauty tech products without the high price point.

What's Next

Now that they have efficiently scaled their ecommerce growth, Vanity Planet is looking to capitalize on their increased demand by partnering with over 4000 retail locations.

Company Stats

Revenue growth since their initial tranche of capital
Vanity Planet has taken 4 top-ups
Run rate compared to the previous year

Partner Quotes


Traditional markets need to be revamped. Clearco's automated data analysis to make funding decisions was intriguing, especially when compared to the financial process of banking institutions. I decided to give it a try, and I’m so glad I did.

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