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Clearco invests in the future of commerce

We're on a mission to help founders win. Founders need to keep more of their companies while in their high growth phase - Clearco enables that. Our team of incredibly talented finance, technology, and small business owners understand this goal.

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   Andrew Curtis, CEO | Clearco

Note from our CEO

Clearco 2.0 is Open for Business

Almost a decade ago, Clearco was founded to make it easier for entrepreneurs to grow their business without giving up equity or pledging collateral. What began as the “20 Minute Term Sheet” has evolved into something much more revolutionary and sophisticated: growth capital to scale any ecommerce business.

Our mission remains: Provide working capital to ecommerce when others won't.

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Know About Us
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Senior Leadership Team

andrew curtis headshot
Andrew Curtis
Chief Executive Officer
oliver grinda headshot
Olivier Grinda
Chief Operating Officer
nader dabbo headshot
Nader Dabbo
Chief Legal Officer
kerri goldsilver headshot
Kerri Goldsilver
SVP, Sales
alexander lawson headshot
Alexander Lawson
VP, Data and Investments
wiley matteo headshot
Wiley Matteo
VP, Finance and Corporate Treasury
sajee sivasooriyan headshot
Sajee Sivasooriyan
VP, Tax and Finance
blake connoy headshot
Blake Connoy
VP, Operations
mathew rynard headshot
Mathew Rynard
VP, Engineering
jill renwick headshot
Jill Renwick
Senior Director, Product
nate devey headshot
Nate Devey
Director, Engineering
amanda mitchell headshot
Amanda Mitchell
Director, People
derek wilson headshot
Derek Wilson
Director, Founder Success
samantha lloyd headshot
Samantha Lloyd
Director, Marketing

Clearco has been on a funding journey

Clearco started as a way to fund founders who find it a challenge to secure typical financing options for their business. By funding invoices, ecommerce businesses can take only what they need to accelerate their growth.

Our investors fund us because they believe in our mission of funding ecommerce, too.

Series A

Raises Series A funding led by Emergence and Social Capital.

Series B

Raises Series B funding led by Highland Capital.

Series C

Raises Series C funding led by Oak HC/FT with debt from SoftBank Vision Fund.

Series D

Raises Series D funding led by Inovia Capital.

Clearco's Founding Team

Access to capital is the main challenge for ecommerce businesses

Ecommerce companies have very predictable returns on advertising investment and inventory. Clearbanc, now Clearco, was started to invest funds in ecommerce businesses to scale their growth.

“Our vision is a world where founders can own a much greater percentage of their ecommerce businesses.”

- Michele Romanow | Co-Founder

clearco founding team photo

Clearco's Board of Directors

andrew curtis headshot
Andrew Curtis
CEO, Director

Andrew Curtis is the CEO of Clearco.

karamdeep nijjar headshot
Karamdeep Nijjar

Karam Nijjar is a Partner at iNovia Capital.

micel jung headshot
Michael Jung

Michael Jung is the Co-Founder and Partner at Founders Circle Capital.

andrew d'souza headshot
Andrew D'Souza
Co-Founder, Director

Andrew D'Souza is a co-founder of Clearco.

michele romanow headshot
Michele Romanow
Co-Founder, Observer

Michele Romanow is a co-founder of Clearco.

dan nova headshot
Dan Nova

General Partner at Highland Capital Partners.