April 25, 2024

Making Moves: Clearco Opens New Yonge St Office in Toronto

Luisa Montoya

Recently, Clearco’s People Team gathered at the Company’s headquarters (HQ) to do something big: move us into our new home at 33 Yonge Street in Toronto. Our company boasts over 100 employees spread across North America. Many of the Clear Crew live within an hour of Toronto, so an office space in our city made the most sense. The Clear Crew not only has a beautiful new spot to work out of but also to gather for events, on-sites, and broader team meetings. It also offers our remote team members a home away from home when they land in our HQ city. We are so proud to present our new offices and can’t wait to show you all the exciting things we accomplish within them.

As a remote-first company, why is it important for Clearco to have an office?

Having an office serves as a physical hub where the Clearco Crew can gather, collaborate, and build a sense of community. While our remote-first policy acknowledges the flexibility and autonomy remote work offers, an office space provides opportunities for face-to-face interactions, spontaneous brainstorming sessions, and fostering a stronger company culture.

“Clearco's new office space provides an opportunity for our ClearCrew to gather not only to work but also to cultivate bonds, foster creativity, and amplify our collective success!”
Paige Hallman, Human Resources Generalist, Clearco

What events will Clearco host at the office?

The Clearco office is not just a workspace; it's a venue for fostering connections amongst our incredible team and bringing people together to share their knowledge and experience! We host various events, ranging from team and company wide on-sites and workshops to social gatherings such as catered meals  and holiday parties. These events not only strengthen bonds among team members but also inject fun and camaraderie into our work environment.

Putting together the desks for Clearco's new office!

What was needed to move offices and bring the new Clearco space to life?

Moving offices required meticulous planning, coordination, and attention to detail. We put a lot of effort into making the office feel inviting and ensuring that team members could enjoy working from here and feel it like a home away from home. This involved not only logistical considerations such as assessing our space requirements and coordinating logistics like packing and transportation but also creating a welcoming and comfortable environment. 

“We are very excited to introduce our dynamic, new hot-desking space at 33 Yonge Street! We have strategically built this office for Clearco to drop-in and collaborate with their team. Most importantly, we wanted to create a space where the team can work in a way that is easy, connected, and readily available so everyone can thrive here at Clearco!”
Phil Youngman-Jang, Senior IT Manager, Clearco

What’s needed to make a truly great office experience? What drives people to come in rather than work from home?

A truly great office experience revolves around creating an environment that prioritizes comfort, functionality, and employee well-being. Beyond providing essential amenities like ergonomic workstations and reliable technology, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose is crucial. Incorporating elements of flexibility, personalization, and opportunities for growth can incentivize employees to choose the office as their preferred work setting.

Building the furniture for Clearco's new office!

What are some of our in-office perks (snacks, desks, etc.) for Clearco?

Our office is stocked with  amenities to ensure our team members feel supported and valued. From a variety of snacks and beverages to comfortable and ergonomic desks and chairs, we prioritize the physical comfort and well-being of our employees.

"As part of the team behind Clearco's new office, it's been a privilege to contribute to our shared space's creation. I am excited to see how this environment fosters collaboration and growth for us all!"
Michelle Corman, Senior Manager of Recruitment, Clearco

What are some cool features of this new Clearco office space?

Our new office space is designed to maximize flexibility and convenience for our team members! One notable feature is the open-seating arrangement, where employees can sit at any available desk, promoting collaboration and a sense of fluidity within the workspace. Moreover, our office is strategically located in the heart of Toronto, right in the bustling financial district and close to transit hubs, making it easily accessible for our employees. 

For those who prefer eco-friendly commuting options, the building offers a dedicated bike facility designed to support cyclists!  Located in the parking garage level, this space provides secure bike storage, shower facilities, towel service, and more, catering to the needs of employees who choose to cycle into work. We're committed to providing a workspace that not only inspires creativity and productivity but also prioritizes the well-being and convenience of our team members.

“Clearco’s new office offers space for collaboration as well as focus zones. It’s our ClearCrew Clubhouse that allows for  serendipitous innovation, quick action, and a cozy lounge to share a meal with coworkers.”
Amanda Mitchell, Director or People and Culture, Clearco

Clearco believes in Work From Anywhere - what is our remote-first approach like?

At Clearco, one of our (many) perks includes a true dedication to a remote-first work policy. We want our team members to be able to do their best work - from anywhere in the world. With our Work From Anywhere policy, Clearco team members are offered the ability to work out of any permitted location for up to six (6) months of a calendar year. This employee-initiated program is designed to recognize that good work can be done from almost anywhere. We want to ensure we are creating an inclusive, low risk, and exciting program for our employees.

A place for the Clear Crew to gather

Clearco is excited that the Clear Crew has an official place to gather. We can’t wait to see the team’s reactions to our new space. If you're looking for an exciting career in the financial technology industry and believe in our mission to fund ecommerce businesses towards growth then check our Clearco's careers for roles across product, engineering, go-to-market, finance, and more.

Luisa Montoya
People Operations Specialist

Luisa Montoya is the People Operations Specialist at Clearco, where she plays an important role in enhancing the employee experience. With over 8 years of diverse experience spanning roles in Executive Assistance, Office Management, Accounting & Finance, Luisa brings a wealth of operational and financial expertise to the team. Outside of work, she runs Alliance Cleaning Solutions, a successful business supporting immigrant women in the community with fair employment and personal development opportunities. Luisa also cherishes time with her family, including her 2-year-old baby, husband, and beloved Husky.