June 24, 2024

‍Clearco's June 2024 Onsite: A Memorable Gathering of Team Spirit and Collaboration

Luisa Montoya

At Clearco, we believe in the power of unity and collaboration. During June 4th through June 6th 2024, Clearco hosted a company-wide onsite event that brought together over 100 of our incredible team members across Canada and the US. This bi-annual gathering is a cornerstone of our company culture, providing an invaluable opportunity to connect, collaborate, and celebrate as a cohesive team.

The Clearco onsite was the result of months of planning by the People Team of Amanda Mitchell, Paige Hallman, Luisa Montoya, Michelle Corman, Phil Youngman-Jang as well as support from Binita Jacob and Samantha Lloyd and many other incredible team members. Over the week, we heard great talks from those inside and outside the company, connected with one another, and gained a new perspective on collaboration in-person that carries through virtually.

Our SVP of Sales, Kerri Goldsilver, speaking to the team.

Clearco Onsite 2024: A Blend of Work and Play

Our three-day onsite was a perfect balance of work time, learning new things, and doing fun activities. We kicked off with a warm welcome and delectable meals catered by local restaurants, thoughtfully selected by our exceptional People Team. These shared meals set the stage for team bonding and casual conversations, fostering a sense of community from the outset.

Beyond that, our team was greeted by some fabulous new Cleaco gear from Genumark and Rightsleeve as well as a custom branded and embroidered hat made by our wonderful customers at HatLaunch. We were ready and decked out for our action-packed week ahead!

To ensure we could relive these wonderful moments, we had Indigo Events on-hand, capturing photographs throughout the event. Additionally, Paul Stachniak was filming content with our CEO, Andrew Curtis, and our COO, Olivier Grinda. He captured key moments of our onsite that are now beautifully documented for future team members to view and to share broadly on our social channels. Their work has allowed us to share the excitement and experiences with the entire Clearco team, both near and far.

Grab your swag bag!

Clearco Onsite 2024: Engaging Team Activities and Meaningful Interactions

One of the highlights was having each team leader re-introduce themselves and engage in a Question and Answer presentation with the audience. This activity not only reinforced our leadership's accessibility but also highlighted the importance of open communication and transparency within our organization.

We spiced things up with a fun and engaging paper airplane competition. Randomly assigned teams worked together to design and fly their creations, promoting cross-departmental interactions and teamwork. Activities like these break down silos and encourage employees to build relationships beyond their immediate teams, enhancing our collaborative spirit.

Paper airplanes competition.

Clearco Onsite 2024: Immersive Training and Development

Clearco’s Senior Leadership and Manager Team members  participated in an immersive training session, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and leadership development. One of these sessions was hosted by Inovia Capital’s Krista Skalde. Equipping our managers with the latest skills and knowledge ensures that they can effectively lead their teams while continuing to drive Clearco's success.

Director of People, Amanda Mitchell with Krista Skalde of Inovia Capital.

Clearco Onsite 2024: An Island Adventure and Team Challenges

We took to Toronto's lakeshore and boarded on ferries to Toronto Island for a challenging and fun scavenger hunt! This adventure not only tested our problem-solving skills but also strengthened our bonds as we worked together in a new and exciting environment. The day culminated in a delightful BBQ on the island, providing the perfect setting for relaxation and camaraderie at sunset.

Clearco Onsite 2024: Guest Speaker and Insightful Presentations

Wednesday was packed with enriching experiences. We had the pleasure of hosting the CFO of Hat Launch Company, Tyler Smith, a Clearco customer, who shared his ecommerce journey and the impact Clearco has had on his business. This session was interactive, with live questions from the audience, providing valuable insights and inspiration to all.

We also had great presentations by our internal team, such as our VP of Finance and Tax, Sajee Sivasooriyan. A super interesting session was led by our VP of Finance & Corporate Treasury, Wiley Matteo alongside co-founder Ivan Gritsiniak. They presented a detailed explanation of how Clearco operates and broadened our understanding of our operating model.

Wiley Matteo and Ivan Gritsiniak presenting.

It was also a true pleasure having Growth Partners join us at our onsite! Irene de Gooyer-Collins, strategic advisor for CPG brands, provided invaluable insights into how Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are supporting ecommerce brands in securing the right funding. Our sales team had the opportunity to ask specific questions, gaining clarity on how Clearco is optimally positioned to serve the companies they work with. Overall, our time together deepened our understanding of the opportunities presented by Fractional CFOs and how we can best support our customers in their funding journeys.

Irene de Gooyer-Collins of Growth Partners

Celebrating Success and Looking Forward for Clearco

We wrapped up Wednesday with a thrilling Blue Jays game, where we enjoyed watching them win and celebrated our collective success. On the final day, we gathered for a great lunch and Town Hall meeting, where our CEO, Andrew Curtis, and COO, Olivier Grinda, delivered inspiring speeches, reflecting on our achievements and setting the stage for the future. 

Our team having fun at the Blue Jays game!

Clearco celebrates a wonderful summer onsite for 2024

Clearco’s June 2024 onsite was a resounding success, filled with productive discussions, team-building activities, and memorable moments. We are already looking forward to our next gathering at the end of the year, ready to create more shared experiences and continue building the strong, united Clearco team. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and stories from Clearco! If you're looking for your next great role in financial technology, check out Clearco's careers page.

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Luisa Montoya
People Operations Specialist

Luisa Montoya is the People Operations Specialist at Clearco, where she plays an important role in enhancing the employee experience. With over 8 years of diverse experience spanning roles in Executive Assistance, Office Management, Accounting & Finance, Luisa brings a wealth of operational and financial expertise to the team. Outside of work, she runs Alliance Cleaning Solutions, a successful business supporting immigrant women in the community with fair employment and personal development opportunities. Luisa also cherishes time with her family, including her 2-year-old baby, husband, and beloved Husky.