1. Generate Your Capacity

Get approved in as little as 24 hrs

You’ll be prompted to Connect Your Store Account (ex: Shopify, Amazon) via our handy integrations. Based on your revenue in the past 6 months we’ll generate your custom funding capacity.

Clearco integrations: Shopify, Stripe, Paypal, Amazon and more

2. Fund Business Expenses

Customized Financing

Upload your invoices and get them paid. Or upload receipts you’ve paid up to 45 days ago.

Choose the preferred option and fee per submission.

Icons depicting what kind of invoices and receipts that Clearco funds: inventory, marketing, shipping and logistics, professional services, payroll and freelancers, and business expenses

3. Repay

Fair cost of capital

We only charge a flat fee based on your funding total. There’s no compounding interest, no hidden fees, no credit checks, no personal guarantees, no subscription fee, and we don’t take any of your company’s equity.

Revenue-based flexibility: Pay as you generate sales - if your revenue slows down, so could your repayments.

Dashboard example showing a bar graph that illustrates the revenue based flexibility

4. Keep Growing

Scalable Funding

Your capacity will grow as your grow. There are no additional steps to continue scaling your business.

Get Funded
Graph showing your available capacity increasing when your profits grow

How did top ecommerce brands use their funds?


    • Blume products Blume logo

      Unlocked full marketing potential


    • Nuudii System products Nuudii System logo

      Funded large purchase orders


    • Monos suit case Monos logo

      500% online revenue growth

Now, it’s your turn.



Clearco fees have no periodic nor compounding interest. You will know exactly how much you are paying up front before you sign the contract and that fee will never increase throughout the payment process. Depending on the available plan you select, a flat fee will be associated with that option for you to review and accept.

You will receive your estimated payment schedule prior to accepting the terms and conditions. Payments are automatically debited from your bank account on the relevant date.

Clearco’s payment structure is a weekly capped amount and will only debit the amount specified in your agreement. If your revenue falls below a certain threshold, your weekly payment will be adjusted and can be less than the capped amount on your payment schedule. The remainder is added to the end of your payment schedule to provide your business with additional cash flow relief.

You can submit any eligible expense related to your business. We currently support international and domestic wires and ACH payments.

Each application to fund an invoice will go through a quick review process to determine eligibility.

We currently support 40 different currencies, so if you have overseas suppliers, we’ve got you covered. We convert to the current market rate for payment and charge a 0.5% FX fee if applicable.  

You can choose the date you want to send the funds when you upload the invoice.

  • For domestic wires/ACH, they typically land in 0-2 business days.
  • For international wires, they typically land in 0-3 business days.

We suggest submitting invoices with an appropriate buffer to account for the time required to review your application (typically 1 to 2 business days) plus payment processing time (typically up to 3 business days). The processing times are guides only based on historical data and are subject to change. As the payments may need to go through and be processed by various banks, including your vendor’s bank, we do not guarantee them, and you are solely responsible for ensuring that your vendor is paid on time.

Growth Mindset

About Clearco

We recognize that meaningful collaboration promotes innovation, creativity and cross-skilling, and that's why we provide our teams with the autonomy to control how they work together to continue to evolve day-by-day.

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