Uncle Studios

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Originally inspired by the need for a perfect white t-shirt, Allegra and Shirin saw an opportunity to make everyday basics better for people and the planet. Uncle Studios offers a whole line of sustainable apparel designed to help everyone feel confident, unstoppable, and comfortable.

models in Uncle Studios wear

Uncle Studios + Clearco

Uncle Studios is an ethically and sustainably-made Canadian apparel brand by Allegra Shaw and Shirin Soltani.

As they explored options for reaching new customers, Clearco's fast and non-dilutive model resonated with the Co-Founders. Since then, Uncle Studios has grown their monthly revenue by 2.5x and plans to continue expanding their offerings.

What's Next

Uncle Studios has saved over 500,000 hours of bulb energy and over 600,000 days of drinking water. With Clearco's partnership, Uncle Studios can build a profitable business, grow their community, and continue driving impact for the environment.

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Partner Quotes

Allegra Shaw
Co-Founder of Uncle Studios

"A huge challenge with having an inventory-heavy business is we put all of our money in manufacturing but we won’t see a return on investment until four months down the line. Clearco fixes this cash flow issue."

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