Park & Fifth

Inspired by the positive response and demand for more Brooke received from her friends, she created Park & Fifth. Now, Park & Fifth makes every occasion feel like your special day, providing unique timeless dresses that leave you feeling magical.

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Knowing that how you look is only the half of it, Brooke and her co-founder Zoe Tisshaw set out to design clothing that made women feel flawless and give bridesmaids a dress they were excited to wear & rewear.ย 

With this goal in mind and Clearco's capital readily available the decision was simple, Park & Fifth expanded to social clothing lines. No longer focused on only designing dresses for weddings or bridal showers, but now for barbeques, birthdays, and anniversaries, women can slip into Park & Fifths chic silhouettes and rock any occasion.

Gorgias + Park & Fifth

Park & Fifth's partnership with Gorgias allowed them to seamlessly onboard new hires onto their customer care team, increasing efficiencies and response times due to the easy ticket assigning system and Shopify integration.

Company Stats

Increase in monthly revenue
Increase in online sales
Virtual bookings to help women feel extraordinary

Partner Quotes

Co-founder, Park & Fifth

Weโ€™re building a brand that allows you to feel special, with your sister, best friend or your mom right by you. Having the world shift to being mostly virtual because of the pandemic, Clearco was just something that made sense.

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