November 22, 2021

How to grow using classic marketing strategies


True or false:

You need a full business plan to successfully launch a brand.

If you think the answer is false, you’re absolutely right. Profit behemoths Facebook, Google, and Yahoo! never bothered to write business plans. Instead, they put their time and money behind classic marketing strategies that drove business from the get-go. 

Today, the online space is busy and oversaturated. Even with a one-of-a-kind product, new online businesses pop up every day and come right out the gate vying for attention. So, how the heck do you cut through all the noise and get noticed?

The answer: go back to the basics.

Following tried and true marketing methods can help eliminate the overwhelming nature of brand building. It also helps founders grow while staying true to their values and vision. 

Classic approaches to marketing communications have the power to align an organization around major goals and direction, no matter how big the brand grows. Forget flashy new tactics and self-proclaimed marketing gurus—these classic marketing strategies are classic for a reason. They can help pave the way for market penetration through an in-depth understanding of a specific market, why the buyers in that market make purchases, and the best way to speak to that market. 


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