January 27, 2022

How to hire the best social media marketing agency in 2022


No other marketing channel changes as fast as social media. Changes to the apps, new tools, and trends pop up every day. It’s hard to ignore that social media dominates our daily lives. Gen Z social media users report spending an average of 4.5 hours a day on social media, while Millennials and Boomers each spend 3.8 hours.

You may have already played with the idea of hiring someone to do social media for you. You’ve thought about hiring a freelancer or virtual assistant but landed on working with a social media marketing agency to get the most out of your efforts.

Our partners at Attention Expertsfootnote 1 are experts at attracting and converting ideal leads, and they’ve generously given their best tips on vetting and hiring the best social media marketing agencies.

Let’s get into it.

What do social media agencies do?

Social media marketing agencies develop advertising campaigns across social platforms. Campaigns hinge on a number of goals like: 

  • Brand awareness: Having your brand seen, known, and recognized
  • Engagement: Creating deep, meaningful interactions with those most likely to buy from your brand
  • Generating leads: Capturing contact information so that you can nurture leads into buyers
  • Directing website traffic: Driving more views, clicks, or interactions with your website
  • Increasing video views: Getting your videos watched all the way through
  • Retargeting: Displaying content to someone who already is aware of your brand 

Social media agencies provide social media content creation and optimization services for both paid or organic reach. Some agencies also offer to consult or train in-house staff.

Why hire a social media marketing agency in 2022?

Simply put, social agencies can help you stay ahead of your competition on social media channels. Instead of researching and keeping abreast of all the newest social media changes, an entire team of experts does it all for you.

“The social media and digital marketing landscape change constantly. So agencies have to make sure they are keeping abreast of information every day,” says Marketing Communications Coordinator, Yuli Sáenz. “As an agency, we have to help our clients understand how these changes may affect their business.”


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