July 27, 2021

Content creators vs. influencers: Which one is right for my business?


You may have heard the buzz about creator marketing, and wondered to yourself how it differs from influencer marketing. Well, if that’s the case, you’re not alone! Most marketers agree that the online creators' movement is in full swing, but not everyone agrees on the exact differences between digital content creators vs. influencers. We sat down with Hannah Cameron from #paidfootnote 1 to share her two cents on what the difference is, plus why virtually any brand can benefit from creator marketing. 

Is influencer and content creator the same? 

Creator marketing, as its name suggests, involves hiring a creator to produce content for your brand. Whether that’s copy, imagery, or video creation (or a combination of all three), content creators work with brands by crafting assets from ideation all the way to delivery.