July 8, 2024

Clearco is sponsoring The Lead Summit, the annual conference for DTC brands in New York

Kristen Campbell

Are you an ecommerce or retail brand that will be in New York this week? Join the Cleaco team at The Lead Summit! The Lead Summit is an annual conference for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands happening from July 10-11, 2024. Clearco is a sponsor for the conference, which hosts over 2500 attendees, including over 1500 scaled retailers and brands. Attendees at The Lead Summit will get to choose from an agenda packed with keynote speakers, panels, and breakout sessions. With ecommerce merchants becoming more important than ever for brand-to-consumer sales, it’s no surprise that this year’s event looks especially relevant to online merchants of all kinds. 

The best part? Tickets to this year’s edition of The Lead Summit are free for approved retailers and brands!

Why attend The Lead Summit in 2024?

With New York City already well-positioned at the center of US retail,The Lead Summit is an opportunity for ecommerce brands to stay on the cutting edge. Not only do upwards of 20% of total retail sales in New York City come from ecommerce, retail in New York contributes upwards of $354 billion to the US GDP. New York City is also the home to 268 billion physical retail stores

The Lead Summit’s attendees will have the opportunity to network with other experts in brand-to-consumer retail, whether they operate primarily in ecommerce or in traditional forms of retail sales. Having so many brand-to-consumer experts in one venue is a great opportunity to learn. With trendsetters in ecommerce trying out brick and mortar for the first time and retail brands going live online, there’s plenty for both retail brands and ecommerce merchants to share. 

The Lead Summit 2024 Speaker Lineup 

The Lead Summit’s guest list is packed with experts in ecommerce, retail, and more. The 2024 conference features keynote speakers from organizations like Marc Jacobs, Target, New Balance, and Chanel, with a number of the panels and breakout sessions tailored directly at ecommerce. 

Such a ‘fashionable’ speaker lineup speaks to New York City’s prominence in the US apparel industry as a whole –  NYC is the home to the three largest fashion companies in the world, in addition to over 900 major brands. For ecommerce businesses in areas like home goods, accessories, or consumer apparel, NYC is the place to be! However, The Lead Summit is also well attended by experts from real estate to finance and tech, so this year’s edition of the conference should have plenty to offer ecommerce business owners of all kinds. 

In addition to fun events like the ice cream social, a sunset yacht cruise, and riverside cocktails, summit topics include optimizing digital commerce, staying relevant in the TikTok age and marketing to ecommerce shoppers in a “post-cookie” world. 

Join Clearco at The Lead Summit 2024

For ecommerce brands, The Lead Summit offers the chance to discover new strategies, connections, or ideas from experts in the marketing, advertising, finance, and technology fields. A mix of fun events, one on one networking opportunities, and plenty of insightful takes on ecommerce and the retail world, The Lead Summit is your chance to hop into some of the most exciting trends in brand-to-consumer sales.

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