May 10, 2024

Clearco is sponsoring SubSummit, the recurring revenue summit, in June 2024

Kristen Campbell

SubSummit is the largest conference for recurring revenue business in the world. From software-as-a-service (SaaS) startups to ecommerce fashion and food, SubSummit is a key destination for any business that earns revenue when users subscribe. SubSummit represents $2 trillion subscription, membership and recurring revenue industry. SubSummit speakers and attendees come from a range of industries like ecommerce, media, retail, and beyond. From ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon to streaming giant Netflix, SubSummit’s guest list ranges from food service leaders to the brains behind visionary apparel brands - and Clearco decided we had to take part!

Clearco funds ecommerce businesses and those in the subscription business model are no different. Subscription box businesses require funding for inventory, shipping and logistics, and marketing and advertising spend.

Why should ecommerce brands with recurring revenue attend SubSummit?

SubSummit offers more than 3000 hosted meetings, which are 1:1 networking sessions, with leaders from partnering brands - including Clearco. For business leaders, merchants, and vendors in the subscription, membership, or recurring revenue sector, there is no shortage of meaningful opportunities to connect with the services and solutions you need. For this reason alone, SubSummit is the go-to conference for subscription business leaders and entrepreneurs. 

Attended by brands from Porsche to Pretty Litter, SubSummit’s attendees are part of the $2 trillion subscription industry. Vendors meet merchants all across the conference, but especially through the Hosted Buyer Program, which sets merchants with up to 15 minutes, 1:1 opportunities to meet with brands. SubSummit’s ‘double opt in’ process ensures direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have a chance to link up with vendors or solutions that  are truly of interest. 

SubSummit also includes a traditional exhibit hall. With guests spanning industries from ecommerce apparel to media brands, heading to SubSummit can help merchants and vendors put a face to a name and connect in-person. SubSummit is also an opportunity to take part in never-before-seen insights from relevant ecommerce trends. 

Attending SubSummit can have a measurable return, so organizers suggest guests come ready with goals. These can include profitable collaboration, insights about consumers, unseen or exclusive data, or new connections with vendors or other merchants. Peer groups at SubSummit Tabletalks are a new feature in 2024: guests who attend SubSummit have the chance to attend an on-site, interactive roundtable on an industry topic or trend. Of course, there are prizes to be won, too: the SubSummit Pitch Competition offers a $10,000 prize to a promising startup, and the Cube Awards celebrate the subscription businesses that stood out. 

SubSummit speakers in 2024

SubSummit conference is just as well attended onstage as it is in the exhibition halls. Taking the stage this year is over 180 executives from established ecommerce, media, retail, streaming, SaaS, and other brands. These include:

  • Venessa Yates, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Walmart
  • Seth Harris, Vice President, DTC at CNBC
  • Jon Sanchez, Sr Director of Marketing at Panera Bread
  • Patricia Olufemi, Partnerships Education Manager at TikTok
  • Ansley Carlisle, Investor for Mark Cuban Companies
  • Joseph Siegel, Director of eCommerce Marketing at Mr. Beast Feastables
  • Chase Clymer, Host of Honest eCommerce

Meet Clearco at SubSummit

Clearco is sponsoring SubSummit to meet great ecommerce brands with subscription-style business models. With great subscription-style ecommerce companies leveraging our funding, we aim to connect with other brands looking to secure funding for inventory, logistics and shipping, or marketing spend for their subscription business. At SubSummit, you can meet our Sales Team members, Brodie and Julie, as well as our Marketing team member, Samantha.

Meet other great companies who support recurring revenue businesses

Subscription applications are a game-changer for recurring revenue businesses as they simplify the subscription management process, improve customer experience and reduce churn. Effective subscription management is crucial for increasing recurring revenue. There are also logistics companies, marketing agencies, inventory suppliers, and more attending the event. Learn about the companies in the recurring revenue ecosystem that can support your subscription box business by attending SubSummit.

SubSummit 2024 is a must-see for ecommerce brands with a subscription-style business model

Whether it’s linking up with a new partner, such as Clearco, through SubSummit’s Hosted Meetings Program or taking home a new insight from a speaker in your industry, SubSummit is a must for subscription-style ecommerce brands. 

SubSummit will be held in Dallas from June 17-19 2024. With the ticket deadline fast approaching, join the leaders and vendors already attending to boost your ecommerce brand! Using the code ClearcoClient24 gets you a $945 discount, making the final cost of the ticket $850. Not only is the conference well-attended (and a lot of fun), buying a ticket can generate real returns and add value to your business.

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