Clearco charts a path to growth for early-stage business Zafira

Clearco charts a path to growth for early-stage business Zafira

Conni Zafiris was running a successful small business, but didn’t know in which direction she wanted it to grow. She was struggling with which sales channels to use and which marketing tactics to employ to grow her company, Zafirafootnote 1

Zafira is an online womenswear brand that specializes in convertible and customizable jumpsuits. Before founding Zafira, she’d been working in the fashion industry for the better part of a decade designing apparel and footwear for different brands. After 8 years of designing for other companies, she decided to take the leap and start building her own brand. 

As she built her brand, the demand for her products steadily grew, yet Conni was unsure of the best way to capitalize on her growth. It was when she was explaining her dilemma to one of her customers that the customer mentioned Clearco. Conni had never worked with Clearco, so decided to reach out and see if they might be able to help her out. From her first conversation with the Clearco team, she could feel the support and excitement over growing Zafira, so she knew she had to get involved. 

Conni and the Clearco team decided she’d be best suited for Clearco’s MCA product which offers a growth advantage to founders with revenues as low as $1,000 per month — a group is often seen as too “small” for small business funding. Clearco offers more than just funding, providing data insights and advice on how to scale and reach new milestones in revenues and customer acquisition. 

It’s never been easier to start a business, but it’s still insanely hard to build a successful one.

It’s never been easier to start a business, but it’s still insanely hard to build a successful one, and so many founders need someone they can lean on for advice. Clearco gives the 3 things founders need most:

  • Advice based on the data of tens of thousands of companies
  • Capital from $10,000-$50,000
  • Access to Clearco's extensive network of partners, VCs, and vendors.

    What surprised Conni the most was the value she found from Clearco's advice and leveraging the Clearco network.
Founder Conni working at a desk

Beyond the money and networking opportunities, Conni feels supported, like she’s found an extension of her team and is no longer working in a silo. Now, she can relax when she steps away from her work knowing that she’s got a dedicated team working on and thinking of her business at all times.  The working sessions she’s had with Clearco have helped her to define a clear path for her business going forward. So, what’s next for Conni and Zafira? For now, she’s working on her marketing strategy and looking forward to exploring new sales channels, all while designing new products for release.

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