June 10, 2024

Andrew Curtis, Clearco's CEO, speaking at Collision Conference 2024

Kristen Campbell

Collision Conference is returning to Toronto June 2024! Collision is the annual conference for technology players, including investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Dubbed “the Olympics of tech,” by Politico, Collision Conference has been a part of the Toronto tech scene since 2019.

This year’s event will be held June 17-20, 2024, and over 1000 investors, 2000 startups, and 40,000 attendees are expected to attend. Collision Conference 2024 speakers feature guests such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) pioneer Geoffrey Hinton, entrepreneur and tennis legend Maria Sharapova, Annie Lamont Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Oak HC/FT, and many more incredible panelists and speakers including investors, executives, and experts. 

Collision Panel: Surviving Venture Winter with Andrew Curtis, Philip Cutler, and Martina Fuchs

Clearco’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Andrew Curtis, will speak on Thursday, June 20 on the much anticipated panel, “Surviving the Venture Winter.” The panel will cover the landscape for venture capital in 2024, including the present shift towards sustaining profitability. Andrew and his fellow panelist, Philip Cutler of Paper, as well as TV anchor and business journalist, Martina Fuchs as the moderator, will dive into how this ‘venture winter’ will impact founders and startups, their own experiences in venture “seasons” as well as what to expect in 2024. 

Highlighting growth in coming out of the venture winter

The topic of VC winter means that guests at Collision Conference 2024 get to learn how to build a profitable and successful company. There are now a number of options for funds. Finance executives are choosing alternative funding methods, like Invoice Financing, to cover working capital needs without compromising business growth. Angel investment has become more popular in recent years, and conferences like Collision offer plenty of opportunity to see how these alternative methods have worked for similar companies. 

The main purpose of coming out of the winter is to focus on the future. The Clearco team loves discussing long-term opportunities to grow intelligently and profitably. Showing other founders what is possible in an economy that is facing a shift in expectations is important for Collision attendees to learn from.

Clearco will see you at Collision 2024

Collision Conference 2024 features financially relevant topics for both investors and founders, including keynotes and panels about the Venture Capital market in 2025. Meet our CEO Andrew Curtis and our Director of Marketing Samantha Lloyd onsite at Collision. Don’t forget to check out the great panels, keynotes, pitches, Collision After Hours, and more!

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