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Techcrunch Clearco Article
Techcrunch Clearco Article
Techcrunch Clearco Article

Why founders choose Clearco

See why some of the fastest-growing brands love working with Clearco.

$1.6 B

Invested to date

4,000 +

Businesses funded


States funded


More women funded

Your business is safe and secure with us

Your business is safe and secure with us

As the world’s largest ecommerce investor, we are committed to the highest possible security standards.

  • Trusted by the world’s biggest eCommerce providers
    Clearco natively integrates with major eCommerce providers like Shopify, as well as Facebook and Google, to seamlessly analyze your business and advertising performance.
  • Everything is encrypted
    We use military-grade data encryption when handling your information
  • Backed by trusted investors
    Clearco is supported by some of the world’s most trusted investors and +$450M in investment

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