Clear Cares Referral Program
Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions (updated April 27, 2020)

Under this referral program, upon completion of a successful referral, and subject to the terms and conditions below, you, and your referral will each be entitled to receive up to $250 (“Referral Bonus”) for such referral, redeemable through one of the following methods:
- A credit against an existing advance (“Referral Credits”); or
- A wire transfer (“Referral Cash”); or
- A donation through the Clearco Cares program (“Referral Donation”)

In order to be eligible for the referral program:
the referring business must: (a) be an active business; (b) be in good standing with Clearco, including not currently nor ever been in default; (c) have an outstanding Clearco advance;
the referred business must: (a) be an active business; (b) have been funded by Clearco within 60 days of the date Clearco receives the referral; (c) be referred to Clearco in accordance with this program; (d) not have been previously referred by another referral source of Clearco or its affiliates; and, (e) not be a past or current customer of Clearco or known to it, in each case determined by Clearco, (together, a Qualified Referral”).
Any rights hereunder, if any, are not transferable or redeemable for cash except as described herein.
Participation in this promotion is subject to Clearco Terms (available at and Clearco's Privacy Policy (available at ).
With respect to the Referral Bonus, one of the following options may be chosen by you and/or the Qualified Referral (as the case may be):
Any amounts elected to be taken in the form of Referral Credits will be treated as a delivery to Clearco of Future Receivables under the applicable revenue share agreement, and, will also be subject to the additional terms therein. In the event the outstanding amount of Future Receivables under an applicable revenue share agreement is less than $250, the remainder of the Referral Bonus may be redeemed as Referral Cash, or, Referral Donation. Any amounts elected to be taken in the form of Referral Cash shall be made available by means of an electronic fund transfer to the bank account identified as the ‘Primary Bank Account’ in our records for existing customers.
Any amounts elected to be taken in the form of a Referral Donation will be provided as follows: Clearco will purchase a prepaid gift card (e.g. Uber Eats) in the amount of $250 and deliver in your business’s honor to a Clearco designated hospital (the “Eligible Hospital”), in each case as determined by Clearco in its sole and absolute discretion. No tax receipts will be issued to you or the referred business in connection with this Referral Donation. Clearco does not make any representations or warranties with respect to such Eligible Hospitals usage of the Referral Donation.

For clarity, the Referral Bonus, irrespective of the mode in which it is availed, shall not exceed $250 per eligible referral.

This program is not an amendment to, nor does it supersede or waive any term of the revenue share agreement. If there is a conflict between this program and the revenue share agreement, the revenue share agreement will govern to the extent necessary to resolve the conflict.
We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, at any time, and without notice, to change, modify, suspend, or revoke all or any part this program (including any Eligible Hospital, prepaid card counterparty, the eligibility requirements and any rights hereunder), including, without limitation, for any person we find or believe to be manipulating or otherwise abusing the process, fairness, or integrity of the program or that otherwise in our discretion becomes ineligible.
Referral Bonus obtained through fraudulent activities or activities in violation of the terms and conditions hereunder, or the representations contained herein, will be null and void.
By sending a referral, you hereby confirm that the referred party is aware of such intended referral, and, has granted its consent to being contacted by Clearco to discuss Clearco's products/ services.
All amounts referenced above are, with respect to customer in the US, in US dollars, and, with respect to customers in Canada, in Canadian dollars. Participation in this program is limited to customers located in the US and Canada only.
Any unused Referral Bonus may not be carried forward to future advances.
The promotional offers herein may not be combined or used with any other Clearco offer, discount, promotion or benefit unless otherwise indicated, and cannot be applied retroactively.