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Clearco Cares aims to support the founders in our portfolio and the growth of their companies, as well as the communities impacted by COVID-19

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Working 1:1 With Founders

We’re working directly with founders who are feeling the economic effects of COVID-19. If you’re a customer who could use support, reach out to your account manager.

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COVID-19 Donation

If Clearco invests in a company you refer, both you and your referral will have the option to each donate the $250 referral bonus to help frontline workers and local restaurants.

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Runway analyzes a business’ cash burn and cash on hand to offer founders more insights into their business, as well as flexible, equity-free investments to help founders sustain operations.

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Clearco's Response
to COVID-19

Through our referral program, we’re supporting local businesses impacted by COVID-19 by paying for meals from local restaurants via UberEats to send directly to hospitals supporting their frontline staff, on behalf of our founders.

How It Works

Once you’ve been approved for a referral bonus, select thehospital you’d like us to donate to and Clearco will donate a $250 UberEats gift card to the frontline staff of that hospital, in honour of your business.
*Please see terms and conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in the referral program if I'm NOT a Clearco customer? What would be my reward?

Yes you can! As an Eligible Individual, your referral bonus will be redeemable through either one of the following methods:
- A $250 prepaid gift card to Amazon or Uber
- A Referral Donation via Clearco Cares

Can I choose more than one option to redeem my referral bonus?

Unfortunately not. Each referral bonus is redeemable through one of the following options:

Clearco Customer: Referral Credit, Referral Cash, Referral Donation
Non-Clearco Customer: Referral gift card, Referral Donation

Will I get a tax receipt for the donation?

No tax receipts will be issued to you in connection with this Referral Donation. Clearco does not make any representations or warranties with respect to such Eligible Hospitals usage of the Referral Donation.

Is there a limit to how many people I can refer?

No. You can refer as many people as you want, however, their business must receive funding from us within 60 days of you sending us the referral for it to count.

How will I know if my donation was made?

After the donation is made, Clearco will send you a confirmation email.

How will the donations to the Eligible Hospitals be made?

Food donations will be through an UberEats gift card - this will be emailed to the hospital contacts.

Have more questions? Check here for more Q&A

Can we help?

These are unprecedented times and the entire Clearco team has been working remotely around the clock to support founders .If there's anything we can do, or any other resources we can share, please let us know.

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