The Clearco Black Friday/Cyber Monday Dashboard

Use the dashboard to:

  • Filter relevant insights by industry vertical
  • Review real-time BFCM data and growth content
  • See the top trending keywords on Amazon paid search and more

Avg Top Product Revenue

Average daily revenue generated by top-selling products on Amazon.

Trending Keywords on Amazon

Highest-growth keywords for the top-selling products on Amazon in this category.
xbox one virtual reality headset
furnace filters 16x20x1
destiny 2 merchandise

Our Founder's Revenue

Clearco companies see higher growth when fuelled by our capital products.
Chart Image

Avg Facebook & Google Ad Spend

Average dollars spent on ads by Clearco customers.

Avg Cost To Rank #1 On Amazon Paid Search

According to our data models, you must spend this much in a week to rank #1 for these keywords.
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Total Sales 2019 vs 2020

Percentage growth in 2021 vs previous Black Friday/Cyber Monday seasons.

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