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Every founder has a story. More than just a female founder, women are leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. Breaking societal norms of what can’t be done, our founders are paving the way to change.

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“I want my daughter to know hard work is worth it.”
Hannah Kim — ai Toronto Seoul
“ The only way women can have it all is if society fundamentally changes.”
Neha Charnalia — Switch Grocery

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In celebration of International Women’s Day, Clearco has partnered with founders Hannah Kim from ai Toronto Seoul, and Neha Charnalia from SwitchGrocery, to tell their unique and powerful stories.

Meet Hannah
5 years ago, Hannah Kim was diagnosed with a rare condition called Desmoid fibromatosis tumor, an abnormal growth that arises from connective tissue. Mentally and physically overcoming it, Hannah was inspired to make every moment matter. Committed to making every second meaningful, Hannah took a trip to Seoul, South Korea and fell in love with their sustainable fashion. Now, Hannah is the founder of ai, a luxury handbag company bringing you sustainable pieces from the heart of South Korea.
Meet Neha
After over 12 years of corporate, Neha felt her life staying still. Long days and late nights lead to high stress, causing her health to deteriorate. So, knowing that your longest investment is yourself, Neha adapted a healthier and happier lifestyle. Her own foundation and inspiration for her business, Neha founded Switch Grocery providing you with the food you love, without sacrifice.

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Happy International Women’s day

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