Will Torrez

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Co-Founder of Zeno Gym

COVID hit us hard. Louis and I own a furniture manufacturing company out of Mexico. We had 250 employees with no stimulus packages and no unemployment coverage at all. So out of sheer desperation, we started to look into other ideas. I looked into absolutely everything. Masks, sex toys, sweatsuits, anything that we thought was going to sell right now. 

We’ve been doing this for about 7-8 years and we were spending all of our time and energy into growing this business. We knew that shutting down the manufacturing plant was not an option. People had mortgages to pay, and kids to feed. So our key motivator was to do anything to not let anyone go.

Then gyms shutdown and we were all forced into lockdown. I saw dumbbells were being sold for over $250 and I knew we could do it for half the price. The next day we connected with a few engineers and started to get the ball rolling. We had the fabrics, the mixed foam, the CNC machine, and Louis came back with a workout bench. So after taking a few videos and photos of me legit working out in my kitchen with this bench, we put our workout equipment for sale. 

We started to make sales, and it was this huge sense of relief because all we could think about was “Wow, we can continue to pay our employees.” As more sold, we realized that we really had something here.16,000 units later, 8 months down the road we’ve been able to grow our business 300% and expand our team.

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