Siff Haider

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Co-Founder of Arrae

What led me to the world of natural remedies and holistic healing was my personal struggle. For as long as I could remember my immune system was a disaster. Eventually one day I coughed and it fractured a rib. That was my breaking point. 

Doctors would tell me, “okay let’s just put you on antibiotics.” It was the same thing, over and over again. At the time I was in my early 20’s and I was getting into the world of health and wellness. I started implementing different supplements into my routine. So many supplements that I started to get better. I realized that I could troubleshoot different issues my immune system was having.  

Throughout this whole journey, my husband Nish was in it with me. I would make him try everything and see if we could duplicate my results. Then I hit that point of frustration again because of the number of supplements I had to take to maintain a strong immune system. Travelling was the worst because we were always carrying around an insane amount of different supplements. I would literally worry about what the security screening staff would think about the number of pills in my bag. 

To me it was crazy that if I could go online and order a skincare product targeted towards hyperpigmentation, why couldn't I order a specific product for bloating? That did not exist in the wellness space. I wanted to create a product that was extremely targeted at one problem, and a product that would work quickly. I wanted to take control of my health. 

We took this holistic approach and created this product that takes away the uncomfortable feeling of bloating. In doing so and speaking with naturopathic doctors we realized how linked digestion is to anxiety, and how prevalent these issues are specifically amongst women. We wanted to be able to help solve both these issues, while also educating people. 

So we created our two products, Bloat and Calm. Bloat, a product that targets every possible cause of bloating, and provides quick relief. Calm, to relax the body and mind. When we launched we invested a ton in our product and ourselves. People really saw value with these products, so we grew quickly. I think for us the big thing was taking risks as long as it doesn’t kick you out of the game. And that’s what we did.