Jesus Gutierrez

Founders of Gay Pride Apparel

Co-Founder of Gay Pride Apparel

Sergio and I have been friends since we were kids. We grew up in Phoenix Arizona, went to the same elementary school, and then in the sixth grade our friend groups collided and we easily became best friends. We were inseparable. Then what happened to most friends happened to us. College happened and we drifted apart. A few years later our paths were lucky enough to cross and we became close again. We caught up, chatted about our previous relationships, and I asked Sergio a serious question. Why do all boys suck but you? And then I guess we were just meant to be.

Since moving to New York City we’ve of course been able to feel closer to the social movements that happened in the 1960’s. We’re in the heart of where the first gay pride demonstrations took place and it’s inspired us to start Gay Pride Apparel.

2021 will be our first year that we really focus and hone in on scaling. We want to be more inclusive of our community, expand our partnerships, and work with more non-profits. We want to see how we can reach more people and focus on the communities that don’t have access to pride apparel or events. We have been lucky enough to have always lived in accepting communities and be around forward thinking people our whole lives. Now we want to figure out a way to package up that feeling of acceptance and deliver it to individuals who need it.

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