Jeff Armstrong

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Co-Founder of Majesty's Pleasure

So much happiness in my life has come from the hospitality experience. Going to restaurants, hotels, traveling - all things my wife Sarah and I love to do. One Sunday we were both at this salon getting a pedicure and had snuck in wine in Starbucks cups just for the full “relaxation” experience. In that moment of our makeshift experience my wife looked at me and said, “there has to be something better.”

My wife has a masters in architecture, with a long background in design. I think she’s always been really talented at finding a void in the market, and an obvious space where something should exist. 

Surprisingly enough to us, as a married couple we found a draw to want to work together, so we took a year off to begin exploring what we could build. People thought it was completely nuts, to quit our jobs at an investment bank and design firm to start a nail salon out of all things.

I think founders see the world a bit differently and sometimes it’s a lonely place. When you have a vision for something that doesn’t exist, it’s hard for people to see it through your lens because they can only compare it to what they know. 

I quit my job the day we signed the lease to our first venue space and my wife was pregnant at the time. Eventually nearing the end of her pregnancy we realized she had Sciatica. She was bedridden for three months and we were under construction for a million dollar project and hiring 50 people. At this point I was sleeping at the construction venue, dust and all. I remember just questioning why we decided to dive head first into building this company with no hospitality, no human resource background, no construction background. 

I think most entrepreneurs have this one quality, where if it’s raining, there’s a flood, lightning and thunder you just keep moving forward, it’s a rare type of endurance, but so necessary when you’re an entrepreneur.