Gregory Macdonald

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Founder of Bathorium

I used to be a bartender at a Shangri-La hotel. I worked there for years and had a bread business on the side called Wellington Bread where I would make fresh baked bread in my kitchen. If you’ve ever made bread before you know it has to rise for about four hours before baking. So I would get up at four in the morning to prepare the bread. I had to put it into my laundry room because it was the only room in the house humid enough to get the dough to that perfect temperature.

The business was fine, but it wasn’t really scalable and it was incredibly hard working long hours. So, in the summer of 2014 I took off and did what most people do when they’re trying to figure out what to do with their lives - I went on a backpacking trip. 

My final stop was in Italy, in a little Airbnb in Positano. In the master suite there was a gorgeous tub, and right next to it there were oils, butters, and bath salts. I loved baths before this, but this set me through the roof. The owner asked if she could draw me a bath, of course I said yes. I watched her carefully add in different essential oils and coconut milk, and at that moment I had an, “oh God” Chandler from Friends moment. This bath was an experience. 

At that point I knew I needed to bring this experience home. So, I asked her to write it all down on a piece of paper for me. When I got home I tried to search for products similar to what I experienced with all the big box retailers, but I couldn’t duplicate that experience. I couldn’t get that same decadent, indulgent over the top moment. 

I knew I had to make my own. It took me eight months of research and development, but finally I was able to create that experience. I’m sure most founders say this but, it’s never done alone. It was always the big joke where when a friend would stop by the studio, I would say, “oh since you’re here do you mind just helping package this.” I’m so grateful to have incredible friends, boyfriend and family, that have helped me along the way. If it wasn’t in person it was by cheering me on from the sidelines, sharing the word, helping me promote. It’s been incredible.