David Wolff

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Founder of Ocean Habitats

I always loved the water. Growing up I would spend hours watching the waves. And when I was there I could actually see seagrass growing at the bottom of the canals. But slowly it turned into green and brown water, and fish floating to the top. 

That passion for water carried me to volunteer at a research center in college. I researched ocean ranching - kind of like mass producing fish and shellfish. That research ended up failing while I was in school, but it gave me the background I needed eventually to start my business. 

I wanted to reverse some of the damage humanity had caused to the ocean habitat. If it was a man-made problem, we needed a man-made solution. I wish we didn’t have to build it, but I thought instead of complaining about no one doing anything, I would take the research I had done, and probably put 15000+ hours of my life into, and turn it into something because ocean wildlife is declining drastically. So I created products to help clean up the ocean. Our systems clean out over 30 thousand gallons of water every day helping improve our ocean habitat. 

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