Alexandra Pluthero

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Founder of Wear My Freedom

The thing about being an entrepreneur is, the lows are really low, but the highs are really high. It’s what keeps you going. I was on a really bumpy road when launching my company. I think every founder is. I had no educational background or industry experience in fashion. I was completely new to the space attempting to make the most technical garment out there, bras.

A lot of graft went into this. A ton of work that isn’t glamorous. Developing my own samples, cold calling people, hearing the no’s. Work you don’t see behind closed doors and a lot of knocking on those doors. Then finally you feel like you’re getting somewhere, I was getting closer and closer to launch day. It was 18 months of work at this point, and then there was a horrific bombing in Sri Lanka where my production plant was. Then radio silence. 

I only heard what I saw in the media. I didn’t know if the manufacturers were okay or if the plant was hit. It was complete silence. I didn’t hear anything for 5 months. Being the sole founder of the company, I had to decide for myself what the best move was after this. Was I supposed to wait until I heard back? Should I begin manufacturing somewhere else? It was so difficult for me to move forward because of the time, money and energy I had already invested. 

So I made a judgement call. I pivoted and explored other options. I took the time to perfect other aspects of my business and I waited. You don’t realize but having to make every decision on your own can be paralyzing because of the fear of failure. The success of the company is solely reliant on every decision you make, big or small.