Founder of Wear My Freedom
Alex Pluthero

The thing about being an entrepreneur is, the lows are really low, but the highs are really high. It’s what keeps you going. I was on a really bumpy road when launching my company. I think every founder is. I had no educational background or industry experience in fashion. I was completely new to the space attempting to make the most technical garment out there, bra’s. 

A lot of graft went into this. A ton of work that isn’t glamorous. Developing my own samples, cold calling people, hearing the no’s. Work you don’t see behind closed doors and a lot of knocking on those doors. Then finally you feel like you’re getting somewhere, I was getting closer and closer to launch day. It was 18 months of work at this point, and then there was a horrific bombing in Sri Lanka where my production plant was. Then radio silence. 

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