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To whom it may concern,
Cheers for the high interest rates, the hidden fees, the broken promises, and the “guarantees”. Clearco is here to give Aussie founders a fair go. We won’t take their house, their car, or their equity. We understand the value of their business, and offer up to $10 million in easy, equity-free funding to help them grow. So founders...

Get funded.

Get funded.

Your company, your dream.

We fund your e-commerce dreams, equity-free. Get up to $20M in capital, and keep every piece of the business you’re building.

How we help Aussie brands grow.

We’re founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We understand the needs of e-commerce companies, and created a proven solution to help you grow.

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Marketing capital.

Double down on your killer online ad strategy, and scale your business with equity-free funding.

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Inventory capital.

We'll buy up to $1 million of inventory directly from your suppliers, so you can avoid hefty upfront costs and free up cash flow.

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Founder community.

Join a global network of founders, partners and investors, and reach new customers both at home and around the world.

No equity. No worries.

You built your business. You should own it. Unlike traditional funding options, we’re not interested in collateral, or owning a portion of your business. We’re interested in funding your dreams, equity-free.

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Good deal? Great deal.

At a bank, you get funded and pay crippling interest rates. At Clearco, you fund your marketing and inventory needs and pay a small percentage of what you sell.

Get up to $20M
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Big dreams call for big funding.

Scale with the world’s largest e-commerce investor. We’ve invested over $3B and helped 7,000+ entrepreneurs grow, supported by the world’s most trusted investors.

Get up to $20M
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Why Aussie entrepreneurs choose Clearco.

See why some of the fastest-growing Aussie brands love working with Clearco.

  • five star rating

    “Clearco has more advantages for my business than any other financial institution can offer. The top ups and percentage of daily sales is low, which is my priority for the business. Financial institutions I have used in the past have taken up to 30% of daily sales, while Clearco only takes 15%. Clearco is a fiercely competitive option and the most profitable for my business. It is my first and only choice for financing.”

    Onur Cam

    Founder at Beard Market

  • five star rating

    “The thing that stood out to me was not having to have collateral - that was a massive difference between this and the other forms of finance I’d looked at. And just the ease of it - I had one conversation and there was an offer. The whole thing was just so easy.”

    Jessica Bailey

    Founder at Vegan Grocery Store

  • five star rating

    “Traditional capital raising is time consuming and a lot of effort, starting from scratch every time you talk to a new bank. To have a company like Clearco that is tech-savvy and logically looking throughout turnover and our data and streamlining the whole process is pretty incredible.”

    Trent Goulding

    Director of Jolyn Swimwear

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    More women funded than traditional VC

    You built your business.
    You should own it.

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