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As safety and PPE became a more pressing concern with COVID-19, Stoggles met the world's current need for additional protection with touch shields, and anti-fog reinforcement. Created to make everyday eye protection a more comfortable and enjoyable experience, they partnered with Clearco and Indiegogo to get the capital and support they needed. 

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Stoggles + Clearco

Two days away from completely running out of budget, Max wanted to continue to advertise and roll out new marketing initiatives. Clearco was the lifeline Stoggles didn’t know they needed, providing them capital within 48 hours to keep the momentum going. Through maintaining their marketing spend during such a trying period, Stoggles was able to 6x Clearco's investment. 

Indiegogo + Stoggles

Clearco's partnership with Indiegogo gave Stoggles the additional capital they needed to raise $1.3 million in their live campaign, surpassing their goal of $5000. With over 27,000 backers, Stoggles was able to successfully launch their business and become the go-to eye wear of thousands of front-line workers in America.

Company Stats

Raised on Indiegogo
Increase in Clearco's investment
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Partner Quotes

Founder of Stoggles

"We were in a tight spot. I was in a situation where I needed to stop advertising at a really critical point in building Stoggles and Clearco dropped everything to help me."

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