MYCS living room set

Chris has sold furniture since 2013, and he quickly became aware of the struggles of standardized furniture. Learning the importance of customization, he developed a brand that sells charming contemporary furniture online, allowing customers to design their dream sofa from the comfort of their own homes.

MYCS living room set

MYCS + Clearco

Interior can be intimidating to do on your own, and MYCS aims to simplify and customize the design of your home with tailor made furniture.

Like with any business, growth and speed for customers are top priorities for founder Chris Jung. A friend then recommended Clearco to MYCS and they were impressed that the speed of Clearco's capital deployment moved just as quickly as they do with their own customers.

What's Next

With Clearco providing MYCS with fuel for growth, Chris is able to provide even more amazing customer experiences. Whether it be through the perfect bedroom accent chair, or understated finely woven fabric, their specialized approach is fundamental to building on their success.

Company Stats

Increase in average order value
Freedom to invest in customer experience

Partner Quotes

Chris Jun
Founder of MYCS

"What Clearco gave us was a way to get capital FAST, and the flexibility needed to help our customers build their dream home."

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