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Generating awareness for not just local coastlines but oceans across the globe, Haeckels has implemented sustainability into not only their processes, but their philosophy. 

model looking at seaweed

Haeckels + Clearco

After seeking out various financing options in the UK market, Haeckels was drawn to Clearco's speed and multiple rounds of capital that were made available. With Clearco, Haeckels has secured the funding they need to hone in on their upcoming product expansion. 

What's Next

In May of 2020, Haeckels launched their current best selling product, Algae Plump. Having sold more units in 24 hours compared to any other product in the last 10 months, Haeckel's plans to take these learnings and additional capital to continue to expand their storefronts and product lines. 

Company Stats

Freed up capital to offer customers discount
Increase in revenue
Focus on manufacturing the most effective natural products

Partner Quotes

Managing Director of Haeckels
Managing Director of Haeckels

"Instead of having to wait until we pay off the last penny, we can take out more capital as we need it, when we need it."

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