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Druids Golf + Clearco

As Europe’s fastest-growing golf brand, Druids Golf is providing fashion forward golf apparel, challenging the traditional golf industry and offering “Rolls Royce quality at affordable prices.”

Druids co-founders, Tim Ferris and Lewis Jones, knew that for a small business to go big, cash is king. So, when discovering Clearco's readily-available capital and risk-free revenue share model, it felt like a true partnership for Druids.

What's Next

Now that Druids Golf doesn’t need to worry about juggling capital between ad spend and inventory, they can continue designing their apparel in-house and focus on connecting with customers.

Company Stats

Increase in revenue growth
Average ROAS
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Partner Quotes


I run a crazy business but I also have a wife and two kids, and another on the way. So if I can get people on our corner to help us, it makes my life easier.

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