Model in green shirt looking upwards

Model in green shirt looking upwards

Bhumi + Clearco

Owning a D2C e-commerce business, Dushyant, founder of Bhumi, knew the struggles of explaining his business's growth potential to a traditional capital provider. Wanting to work with a company that understood the complexity of how e-commerce brands operate, Dushyant sought out Clearco.

After testing out the Australian market and knowing there was a huge demand, Dushyant used Clearco Capital for their marketing expenses. With the additional dollars to invest in Facebook and Google, Bhumi was able to grow 3x from the previous year.

What's Next?

As people are spending more time at home now than ever, Bhumi has become the sustainable go-to source for Australia's bed and bath needs. Now, after their first few years of scrappy growth, Bhumi is focused on scaling strategically with their new found digital ad strategy to make 2021 their most impactful year yet.

Company Stats

2021 forecast revenue growth
Increase in revenue
Days of drinking water saved

Partner Quotes

Founder of Bhumi

"It was very logical for me to explore Clearco. What stood out to me was their understanding of e-commerce. They just get it."

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