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Apple’s iOS update: How will this affect my e-commerce business?
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shipping vessel
How founders can overcome global supply chain shortages and inventory issues
For every high, there’s a low. 2021 brought fast and furious growth to the e-commerce space...
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A quick guide to understanding inventory financing
As a founder, you have so many things on your plate—making sure your product is perfect before launch, managing team members and finances, juggling ma...
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red pin on map
5 loan alternatives to turn to when banks let you down
Banks no longer have a monopoly in the lending market. More and more business owners are turning to bank loan alternatives because they simply don’t q...
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chess moves
How to grow using classic marketing strategies
True or false: You need a full business plan to successfully launch a brand.
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How e-commerce founders can get non-equity capital funding
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flower growth
5 marketing growth strategies moving the needle for founders right now
Marketing moves fast. You hear your founder friends recommend TikTok, email marketing, and all kinds of complicated sales funnels, but when you go to ...
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Visa card in a wallet
Line of credit vs credit card: Which is better for my business?
Which is more attractive to you: giving up control of your business or taking on some debt?
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American bill
How startups can leverage microlending to finance their businesses
It’s a giant understatement to say entrepreneurship is hard.
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crowd of people
5 ways to improve e-commerce customer retention rate
Customer retention in e-commerce is becoming one of the most important things for brands to focus on.
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Taking alternative routes on the road
Non-bank alternative lending: what you need to know
The earliest banks can be traced back to Roman temples. Home to devout and honest monks, temples were thought to have an added level of security
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American dollar bill
Why founders need working capital to grow their businesses
We've all heard stories of companies running out of cash and having to close up shop.
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Woman thinking about making a decision
7 signs it’s time to leverage fintech alternative lending
It’s not always easy to ask for help. Pride and ego can get in the way, plus you just might not know where to look.
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A group of girls chatting
How to leverage community-based marketing strategies to strengthen your brand
Humans need a sense of belonging to survive. We find it through connecting with others—our family, friends, and communities.
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Writing in a notebook
The founder’s Black Friday guide: 10 tips from the experts
“Didn’t Black Friday 2020 just happen?!” A founder, probably
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black entrepreneurs
Why is Black business funding still an issue?
It takes a village to help businesses grow. Imagine all the businesses that could grow, but due to lack of support, decided to give up based on lack o...
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woman on cell phone and computer
Make Email Marketing Automation & SMS Your Core Strategy
Our partners at Omnisend analyzed over 10 billion email and SMS messages in their Ecommerce Statistics Report 2020, to show that lifecycle automation ...
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E-commerce sales for Black Friday Cyber Monday
Black Friday checklist: How to prepare your website for BFCM
Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) is an exciting time for e-commerce businesses. For one, consumers are primed to make big purchases and discover the b...
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Happy customer shopping
How to Bring your Customers Back After Black Friday
After the inevitable craziness of Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) weekend, what should you focus on next? Let's talk about customer retention!
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Facebook login on mobile phone
How to Prepare Your Facebook Ads for Black Friday
With a large number of brick-and-mortar retailers shifting to e-commerce, the stage is set for one of the largest online sales periods in history. So ...
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5 lanes
Five Marketing Strategies to Set You Apart This Black Friday
Now that the entire Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend is digital, the online shopping space will not only be home to the existing e-commerce brands, b...
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A man is sitting beside his desk working
Understanding merchant cash advance factor rates
If you’ve ever researched traditional loans, you’ve likely come across a much faster alternative: merchant cash advances.
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A man walking on an alternative route
A change in the wind: The ins and outs of alternative lenders
When most people think about business funding, banks come to mind. And there’s a reason for that: banks remain a major source of funding for businesse...
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Browsing Pinterest on mobile
Why Pinterest is the secret ingredient to your marketing strategies
It’s 2021, and after a whirlwind of a decade it’s safe to say that social media has dominated the online space and taken society by storm. Social medi...
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lady smiling with laptop
A Founder’s Ultimate Guide to Business Funding
As a founder, there will be lots of bumps along the road. After all, no one said business ownership was going to be easy! One of the first challenges ...
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browsing through a macbook
What to expect from BFCM 2021 so you can crush this holiday season
Okay, so last year’s Black Friday season was one for the books: supply chain issues, consumers flocking to stores earlier than usual, and the explosio...
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The Power Of SMS And Facebook Messenger Marketing
E-commerce brands compete for customers’ attention throughout the entire holiday season. Forward-thinking brands are adopting new marketing channels l...
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A woman smiles at her computer in front of a background showing analytics and data
How does Google advertising work?
I tried Google but it didn’t “work”. I hear this a lot. Advertising is seen as a fundamental need for all businesses, yet at the same time, it progres...
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man searching on computer
How to choose the best merchant cash advance provider
In the business world, cash is still king. Businesses need it more than ever to scale, expand, and change the world for the better.
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A woman cheers and kicks her leg up while sitting in a shopping cart
Abandoned carts: The crown jewel of email and SMS marketing
You’re browsing a website and start adding some items to your cart. You eventually get distracted and leave the site without making a purchase. Then, ...
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Man holding a gift box
5 Deals to Offer to Customers this Black Friday
The countdown to Black Friday is well underway, and consumers are already thinking about their holiday wish lists. Let's look at 5 deals that you can ...
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Two women laugh with their arms around each other in front of a graph showing positive growth.
Increase your Shopify sales with paid ads and polished content
Shopify is a dream for business founders—it’s easy to set up and a great way to quickly get your product(s) on the market to start bringing in revenue...
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A woman signs a slip on a box while standing in a kitchen.
5 ways to increase your Amazon sales
If you ask an e-commerce business owner about their online sales and marketing strategy, you can expect them to mention Amazon at least once. In fact,...
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popular e-commerce brands
How to use customer loyalty programs to increase LTV
With an increasing number of brands competing for shoppers on online and offline channels, investing in a customer retention strategy is now more impo...
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excited startup founders looking at laptop
How new founders can get working capital with bad credit
When you hear “fail fast, fail often”, are you inspired or do you cringe?
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happy female entrepreneur
Why is business funding for women still an issue?
The past 10 years have seen a boom in business startups. Much of the growth has occurred within the last five years with female entrepreneurs at the f...
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men sitting at laptops
Launch marketing strategy that only costs you $1 a day
So you want to start an online business, huh? With e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Amazon, starting a new business is a piece of cake. That be...
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A man in a suit bikes in front of a blurred background with golden lines trailing behind him
The best alternative lending options for startups
If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably already aware that traditional lending institutions aren’t known for rolling out the welcome mat to ...
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Merchant cash advance for startups
There are many reasons why, as a startup business founder, you might turn to merchant cash advance (MCA) providers for funding. They offer a straightf...
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lady smiling with clothing in background
Why a change in working capital isn’t going to kill your business
Working capital, also known as net working capital, is a company's total assets minus total liabilities. Working capital indicates both the long- and ...
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Three images are shown side-by-side. A woman scrolling on Instagram on her phone. A woman taking a selfie. Someone typing on a laptop.
How brands are winning using direct response marketing
When some people think of direct response marketing, they conjure up the image of an infomercial presenter urging them to “call the number on your scr...
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A design shows several images in circles: a woman with a shopping bag, a man looking at the camera, a person checking their phone, an airplane on a tarmac, a hand holding a Prada bag, a woman sitting on the beach
How to optimize ad creative for the best ROAS
Ad platforms may have powerful targeting tools, prominent ad placements, and performance tracking tools, but they’re all mere novelties if you don’t h...
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Two images. In the first, a woman reads off an iPad. In the second, the same woman smiles while leaning on a clothing rack.
Merchant cash advance financing for founders
If you’re a small business owner, you may have come across the term merchant cash advance (MCA) and wondered whether it is a funding option for you. F...
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A woman's silhouette is shown in front of a ring light. Next to her a man is backlit by a circular light.
Content creators vs. influencers: Which one is right for my business?
You may have heard the buzz about creator marketing recently, and wondered to yourself how it differs from influencer marketing. Well, if that’s the c...
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A man enters his credit card information on his mobile phone.
A founder’s guide to business credit cards
Virtually all businesses, regardless of industry and size, benefit from a business credit card. They allow you to build a credit history, increase cas...
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An 18th century woman and man cheers each other with glasses of wine.
A guide to securing a merchant cash advance
If you’ve read many of the pieces on the blog lately, you’ll notice a theme here: a lot of them have to do with alternative sources of funding. But tr...
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A person running off towards a cityscape with an overlaid image of a tracking form.
What is performance marketing? A performance marketing guide
As a business founder, it shouldn’t matter if your expertise lies in marketing or not—performance marketing is a concept you should grasp. After all, ...
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An image of an angel pointing upwards with men in the background.
Angel investing vs. venture capital: What’s best for your business?
As your business grows, you’ll be faced with many important decisions and challenges, one of them being when and how to fundraise. Talk to any entrepr...
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A bird's eye view of a person's hands on a laptop keyboard.
A beginners’ guide to UTM parameters
Marketers can all attest to the rush experienced when a campaign is successful. All those long hours crafting bespoke content that speaks to an audien...
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coins with plant sprouting
Why invoice financing could accelerate your business’ growth
If you’re a founder looking to secure funding, chances are you’ve come across the term “invoice financing”. Also known as “accounts receivable financi...
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A design showing marketing analytics on a mobile phone, a person planning a flow with sticky notes, and a marketer reviewing notes
What is multi-touch attribution? An attribution guide.
As your business grows, you’ll want to “pull the lever” on different marketing channels. At its inception, you’ll likely start your marketing efforts ...
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A hand carrying a wad of money overlaid on an image of a large crowd of people.
Business loan alternatives: Crowdfunding vs peer-to-peer lending
The terms “crowdfunding” and “peer-to-peer lending” often get confused as one and the same—and there’s a good reason for that. Both involve groups of ...
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A man checks his credit card while making a purchase on his phone.
Small business funding options: How to secure a startup loan
So you’ve gone to bank after bank for a small business loan, and they’ve all said “no”—for a multitude of reasons, such as a poor credit score or a la...
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An old world map with a circled target around France.
How to enter a new market: 8 tips to consider
Entering a new market can be an incredibly lucrative and rewarding opportunity—if done correctly. Founders who identify a previously untapped market w...
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A visual representation of several people in a grid chatting on the Clubhouse app
Join the club: How to use Clubhouse to grow your business
Social media has evolved significantly from its inception roughly two decades ago. It’s no longer just a place to share photos and captions
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Two founders review a document in front of their computer.
Creative ways to secure alternative lending
Only about a third of new businesses survive their first decade. The way startup e-commerce businesses secure funding has changed drastically over rec...
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A schematic design of Google Analytics
Google Analytics for eCommerce: A beginners’ guide
Google Analytics provides a wealth of information about your eCommerce site, visitors, and where they came from. This guide will teach you how to leve...
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A design showing a business owner handle money, a payment being processed, and an accounting and tax form.
Crunching the numbers: How to choose the right accounting software for your eCommerce business
Accounting software for eCommerce differs to run-of-the-mill software, so choosing the right solution will come down to comparing a handful of key fea...
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A design showing ads appear on different platforms and devices
Finding the best advertising platforms for your audience
Finding the best advertising platforms for your business can be a challenge. We've rounded up some of the top ad platforms in 2021, from Google Search...
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A schematic of eyes looking at search engines
How to optimize your advertising budget and improve ROAS
Improving ROAS is easier said that done, so we've put together a guide to help. From choosing the right ad channels to optimizing your ads, we cover i...
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Abstract interface of basic shapes
How to improve your conversion rate with a killer UX design
Not seeing results with your e-commerce conversion rate? You could have amazing content, but if your UX design isn’t up to par, you could fall flat. F...
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A working group sits together in an office
Using lead nurturing campaigns to drive business growth
Lead nurturing campaigns are a cheap and efficient way to grow your business. Start by building one drip marketing campaign and monitoring results to ...
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Abstract image of envelopes
To send or not to send? How to develop a successful email marketing campaign.
Build your email marketing program from the ground up. From how to choose an email platform to building an email list to and A/B testing for constant ...
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Abstract image
More scaling, less spending: 5 grassroots strategies to grow your audience
The idea behind this budget-friendly, highly targeted strategy is to create hyperlocal content for a niche audience. Here’s 5 strategies to help you g...
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Abstract image of money and plants
Paid isn’t everything: Why organic growth could be your golden ticket
Like a brick-and-mortar store, you can spend money on paid advertising to increase traffic. But another type of traffic -- called organic search traff...
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