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Through the looking glass: 8 emerging D2C e-commerce trends that will dominate 2022
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Packlane custom packaging
6 packaging design strategies for better e-commerce returns
Let’s face it; packaging returns are inevitable in the world of e-commerce. When you’re buying from a screen and not touching or trying on a product f...
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The Black Friday planning guide: Tips and tricks for a successful season
When it comes to Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM), planning is the name of the game
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working on the computer
6 Types of equity financing for e-commerce businesses
There many forms of equity financing but it's not for every type of business. It's important to consider the pros and cons of each type before diving ...
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A design shows several images within circles: an airplane, a man smiling, a woman's hand on a purse, a woman holding shopping bags, a person holding a phone, and a person relaxing on the beach
Shopify vs. Amazon: An e-commerce replatforming guide
When you started your business, you likely first thought about what you were going to sell—be it a new product or service, or an improvement upon some...
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6 Ways to Fund an E-Commerce Business
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Two ladies cropped inside of a circle
ClearAngel charts a path to growth for early-stage business Zafira
Conni Zafiris, founder of online womenswear brand Zafira, was unsure of the best way to capitalize on her early growth. After signing up with ClearAng...
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illustrations of eyes
How e-commerce founders use 1 click buy to increase sales
When Amazon first introduced their patented 1 click buy system back in 2000 to circumvent shopping cart forms—so that you no longer had to enter your ...
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happy female founder
The best funding model for e-commerce businesses
Gone are the days where a business founder had only one option to get funding: the bank. In fact, we often talk about the different funding models ava...
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Three images are shown in circles: a person checking their mobile phone, a package being delivered, a stack of shipping containers
Navigating Inventory Logistics: A Resource for Founders
Nowadays, inventory management systems seem to be working increasingly against founders, much to their chagrin. If you’ve ever spent over half of your...
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Images of a cargo ship in the ocean and a man unpacking a truck with boxes are overlaid on a graph
Forecasting demand in uncertain times
Even when all else is constant, forecasting demand can be a struggle even for the most experienced business founder. Throw in the uncertainty of the e...
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A woman holds money splayed out in her hand. Her hand and the money are in focus and circled.
Why working capital is still a challenge for founders
If you’re a founder, you’re no stranger to cash flow problems. Anything from unexpected expenses and increased liabilities to downright emergencies ca...
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A design showing the touchpoints of marketing attribution with a photo of a man working on a laptop
What’s the best marketing attribution model for my business?
If only we had a nickel for every time we’d been asked this question! While in a dream world a one-size-fits-all marketing attribution model would wor...
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tip jar
The Ultimate Guide to E-Commerce Funding
The ultimate guide for e-commerce founders looking to secure funding for their business. From loans and credit cards, to venture capital, grants, and ...
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Smiling lady making a payment using her cell phone
The top 2021 e-commerce trends to look out for
We sat down with our partners to pick their brains by asking what they believe will be the coming year’s biggest, most influential trends. Here’s what...
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Two ladies smiling
Step-by-step Guide to Getting Funding for Your E-Commerce Business
Everything you need to know about pitching to VC's, securing bank loans, and revenue-share financing for your e-commerce business.
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