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Comparing the impact of global lockdowns and Black Friday/Cyber Monday in 2020

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BFCM 2020

Heading into the BFCM sales weekend, e-commerce merchants urged consumers around the world to shop small and shop local, in an effort to combat a second wave of lockdowns and retail-closures.

And the world listened.

While revenue growth was seen by companies of all sizes, our data suggests that small businesses grew their revenues by over 100% compared to BFCM 2019.

Three circles stacked on top of each other with the labels: 8% large, 56% mid market, 106% small business
Bar chart showing revenue growth stats during the weekends

Small companies, with revenues under $50k per month, consistantly grew at a higher rate than mid-market ($50-300k) and large businesses ($300K+) over the 4 day sales period.

E-commerce in 2020

E-commerce vendors connected to Clearco saw revenues grow by 52.13% from March to April, 86.34% higher than April of 2019.

This shift in consumer spending began with much of the worlds transition into lockdowns, and has sustained throughout the rest of 2020. Monthly revenues have grown by an average of 54.34% compared to 2019, with total revenues up 55.31% YTD.

Green pie chart showing: 54.34% Avg Monthly Revenue Growth
Bar graph showing revenue growth numbers throughout the year
Two pie charts showing: Facebook 18.81% Ad Spend YTD, Google 37.11% Ad Spend YTD

Advertising in 2020

Whilst a majority of Clearco Capital spent on ads went to Facebook, 2020 saw some dramatic changes in the advertising landscape.

Coinciding with the widespread lockdowns of April & May, Facebook and Google ad spend grew by 24% and 63% YoY. However the biggest change of the year began with the Facebook boycotts of July.

Clearco customers would spend an average of 28.54% less on Facebook ads over the next 4 months, and increased their monthly Google ads spend by as much as 112.69%.

Graph comparing Facebook and Google advertising spend throughout the year

Categories in 2020

While the bulk of consumer purchases fell in “the big 3” categories (Apparel, Home Goods, and Health and Wellness), the most significant changes tell a much more “2020” story.

As the world scrambled to purchase masks and thermometers, companies in the Medical Supplies category saw revenues grow by 253% YTD. We saw a similar uptick in the Collectibles category (think baseball cards and knick-knacks) and cannabis-related accessories, which grew by over 100% YTD.

These categories, while growing at a pace well-above average, still represent a small percentage of total e-commerce activity.

Pie chart broken up into household spend categories
Apparel +48.59%, Wellness +76.71%, Home Goods +92.49%, Other +62.94%, Beauty +102.88%, Accessories +29.88%, Food +86.69%
Apps and Tech +50.86%, Electronics +110.06%, Footwear +24.14%, Pet Products +56.83%, Sports Equipment +20%, Auto +70.57%, Beverages +95.36%
Toys +76.26%, Travel -33.59%, Events -50.12%, Office +47.98%, Packaging +15.05%, Fitness +74.51%, Media +41.27%
Medical Supplies +253.4%, Collectibles +313.37%, Home Services +9.58%, Cannabis Accs. +105.32%

Travel goods and Events companies were the biggest losses of 2020, with revenues declining by 33.6% and 50.1%.

These categories’ decline is mapped perfectly to the pandemic; Travel goods rapidly decline over Q1 as the governments around the world instated lockdowns. The events category has steadily declined as the year progressed, and the industry struggles to adapt to a socially distant model.

Chart showing Travel Goods 2019 VS 2020 -50.12% YTD
Chart showing Events 2019 VS 2020 -33.59% YTD

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